Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dolomites, Italy 9-14 September 2012

Our first destination is Dolomites in Italy for the first highline meeting in Monte Piana organised by the A team (Armin, Aldo, Ale). We head out of Graz with our own team made of Fritz, Thom, Igor, Johanes, David And MOlly!
We spend the night close to Misurina still in Austria and the next day we hiked up from Misurina base parking to Monte Piana plateau. A jeep was shuttling people up and down to the hut near the base camp area so we handed them off our heavy load and walked up the mountain.
The place is amazing, the plateau offers a 360° view of mountains and the place has a strong historical memory being a battle field during WWI.
The A Team has done a lot of work here rigging all sorts of lines short ones to really long ones, it's a festival for all levels!
The base camp has a grill and Nico is there grilling polenta and cheese mmmmm let me get a taste of that..
We go check out the lines and Raffi walks his 1st on sight 50meters! feeling good, he walks 3 more lines that day.
It was my turn to try the next day, I practised on the base camp slackline to stand up and after about an hour or so we headed to a short highline to get a feel for the no ground exposure! I wasn't able to stand and take the fall but was enough for me to spend some time on the line and hang in the leash, learn to get back up...It's a whole new feeling for me to be sitting above so much air on a slackline!
The weather was turning and there was now a big tent set up at base where everyone could meet, sit around, eat, drink, play...
Both Raf and I are crocheting hats and have been selling our handmade goods and thought this event would be a good occasion to expose our stuff and join our brand as one: Ewoolution is born..
Weather went from sunny and warm, to rain, then snow! We woke up to 10cm on the 3rd day to our big surprise and the place took a whole new feeling to it and a cold one for sure! Everyone gathered under the tent at base sharing food, stories, playing games,and Ewoolution stayed productive and made customized hats.
Good weather was to come soon but it was also waiting for us in Lago di Garda, our next destination. Here we come Arco, see you next year maybe Monte Piana!

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