Saturday, March 2, 2013

Annecy, France 26-28 September 2012

Annecy turned out to be a pit stop. I wanted to visit my friends before going off to travel with the bus. I have a couple adresses I can call home in Annecy and one of them is in Pringy with Muriel and Stephane. We stayed there the first night and Raffi got motivated to start working on the bus. Muriel found some mattresses she wasn't using and they fit perfectly in the sleeping area: we now have a proper bed (nicer then the 4cm thin foam covering the wooden boards making the bed...) Merci Muriel!!
Off to my second home to Florine, my good friend since high school who is now back in her home town after studying for the past few years in the wine country, it's nice to have her back in the mountains for a visit after not seeing each other for 6 months. It's a long time but for us it's like we were hanging out yesterday, good friends all the way!
Annecy is a nice town when you are on the lake side and in the old town walking through the little streets or strolling along the river going through the old town where many cafes and restaurants are. My favorite thing to do when I get to Annecy after being away from France is to make a first stop in a chosen bakery for a good croissant and a pain au chocolat and then I head to . La Brasserie St Maurice, the restaurant owned by Muriel and Stephane and enjoy a coffee with my freshly baked goods.. mmmmmm... trop bon!!!
Today, no croissant but a girls reunion in memory of the good times during high school where we would always meet Florine Anais and I at a small coffee in the old town where we would spend hours, talking over the weekend'S party, gossiping about the boys we fancied, listening to Anais's endless stories and to the songs she wrote, creating our futures; Florine in her pink pick up truck pimpin' it throughout ski resorts world wide, Anais becoming a famous Reggae Dancehall Sista to all the Jah Rastafaries of La Clusaz! And I would be wondering around the world making my dreams come true...
So here we are almost 10 years later; Florine is now a wine pro taster driving an Audi A4 or something like a nice Audi, Anais is living in Paris but remains attached to Clusaz ciy and its neighborhoods, and I wonder around in my new home on weels and when my dreams don't come true, well... I find new ones...!

Rafi had no luck with Annecy, no english speakers, no slacklining, no climbing ( there is a lot of climbing for sure but we had no time on this pit stop), no vegan spreads... Sorry Raffi, but let's go to Chamonix now.

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