Saturday, October 26, 2013


It´s time for an update!
The blog has been feeling a little left out I think, and though I´ve been thinking alot about it, the posts just don't write themselves!
I want to change the style a little though because I just can´t keep up by posting about every place we have been since Bulgaria which is alot so I prefer to start fresh from where we are and for sure stories of the other places we've been all of this year will come up!
I would rather also just pick topics I feel like writing about and sharing, the stories we have, and also the experiences we´ve made in different areas.
Right now our main focus has been EWOOLUTION and our hats, we´ve been making so many hats since we´ve been in Italy its insane but it´s really cool to see how much everyone is enthused about our work and how much they appreciate it and want to support this way we have of making hats on the road, and traveling to do the things we love to do.
We have been in Finale Ligure for the past month and came to participate in the Finale for Nepal event which organises bouldering competitions from amateurs to pros, slackline shows, and the brands come and set up stands all around the village of FINALBORGO. The profits are used to help build a school in a mountain village for the kids to have access to education and also promoting the development of climbing areas and more.
We had our first real stand at this event and we kept busy all day making special orders. Its really cool how everyone is interested; alot of elder people love seeing us crochetting, it either reminds them of their mother doing it or gives them inspiration on their own handmade work. They also get a kick out of seeing Raffi making hats and impressed at the speed we make them!

After the event, while helping to clean up the village, we got asked if we would be available to help on the next event which would be the SUPER ENDURO world series final in Finale Ligure 2 weeks later.. We said yes for sure why not, if we can sell our hats during the event in exchange... We have never been in a biking event so the idea was fun and bikers also need hats when they take their helmets off!
Turns out this event was a great success! we actually SOLD OUT of the hats we had made, and had so many special orders we actually ran out of wool! We were actually working nearly 8hour days just crocheting and I can tell you it is work! But its such a nice work and the result gives a unique product that someone then wears and as we continue to travel the hat travels too..

 There were times where the stand was full of people trying hats, looking through the wool for colors they wanted while we tried to keep a rhythm to make the orders we already had! The kids are so cool; they come to the stand in groups, try on all the hats, and they get so excited and are also really interested in watching how we make...

So here we go for Round 2 of EWOOLUTION´s tour around Europe: thanks to Italy for the great kickoff!
 In Hats we Trust!

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