Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Graz, Austria to Maribor, Slovenia - October 2012

Graz, Austria    -     Maribor, Slovenia

Next stop is Graz for some fun citizen duty of filling out paperwork, meeting with offices, bla bla bla.
Though our pit stop was suppose to take 2 days max, I got sick and made our stay turn out to a week dragging Raf into my misery of headache, stuffy nose, and cough. A good time to get better with some private “aufguss” at the sauna.

We set off to Maribor, Slovenia, free of fever, but still blowing our noses as if they were trumpets. We were off to the popular bike park known for its world cup downhill trail. We arrived to a mountain full of snow and closed lifts, but being used to this weather and not very keen on dates, we were hardly surprised and we rode our bikes up the mountain to earn our ride down. Big birms, big jumps, and a destroyed trail full of muddy, slippery parts, but impressive enough to want to come back with some skills to ride this!

We got our bikes checked by the local mechanic specialised in DH bikes and he was so relaxed since the busy season was over, he took all his time to show us how to make our bikes perfect.

Off to Kotecnik for a short day climbing but lucky because sunny.

On our way to Bulgaria, crossing the first boarder: Croatia, and our first check which seems to stress out Raf so much as if we were some sort of wine smugglers or something ;)

Odometer shows 4000km since the start of our trip!

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