Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Zillertal - October 15-20 2012 -


We arrived at the Ginsling sector at night to a clear sky full of stars... we went to check out the boulders and got excited for the next day but when we woke up everything was covered in snow and pretty wet!
Turned out to be a quite productive hat making day inside the bus....
When the weather cleared up and the sun came out we decided to go check out Sundergrund, in the next valley, an open meadow with the river flowing with boulders all around, really nice area... open for return....

We had heard of a new downhill trail in Mayrhofen in Zillerarena that we wanted to go check out. The lift was closed so we pushed our bikes up the
 trail (its a good way to check the trail out and get a full work out!) and though it was covered with snow in some parts and was note so clean we still enjoyed some cool northshores and some nice birms. This trail has been made to suit all levels, its a really nice smooth trail, we both really liked, I recommend it if you go to that area..

To finish off our days in Zillertal we got to see JAMARAM play live in a small bar in Mayrhofen, it was quite the party inside there and we felt the heat of both the band and the crowd around us while the music rocked the place... that was a good party!

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