Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Home sweet home for Raffi... October 2012

BGL Berchtesgardener Land

After going on tour around my area in France, we were off to Bavaria, Germany, for Raffi to see his brother who was back home for a couple of weeks, perfect time for a little family reunion.
It seems to be a tradition to go shop in IKEA and I have never been so off for some shopping!
Raffi's dad has a little workshop which was perfect for us to make the changes we needed on the bus:
          • new bed
          • new shelf
          • a box/ bench
          • shelves in the kitchen area

We were working around 3 days parked outside of the workshop on a big parking at the back of the train station. On the last day, a car passed by slowly driven by an old couple staring at our bus with a judging look, they groaned, “aah gypsies” and drove off. If they were referring to the definition of itinerant people, then yes, with a big black barrel and a red box on the roof full of stuff and a full bus, then we totally fit to the description, so we will take this as a compliment, Thank You!

I couldn't leave Bavaria without a proper Bavarian Breakfast, so we got the supplies and had the traditional “Weißwurst Früstück”:

                  • Weißbier
                  • Brezeln
                  • Weißwurstsenf

Guten Appetit!

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